Flower Our Agency

Highland Rivers Behavioral Health provides comprehensive treatment, support, and recovery services for adults, youth, families and veterans affected by mental health disorders, intellectual developmental disabilities, and addictive disease.

We are a public safety net provider serving individuals who may have low income, as well as veterans and persons with Georgia state and federal benefits such as Medicaid and Medicare. For individuals who are uninsured, our services are provided on a sliding fee scale based on income.

We take pride in providing effective, innovative care and appropriate resources to foster hope, empowerment, and purpose.

IDD mom and her kid outside on a bench

Flower Our Mission

We are a behavioral health healing organization engaging with our community to foster hope, empower change, and enhance the quality of all lives.

Grandmother and caregiver outside having a conversation

Flower Our Vision

Building communities of purpose that foster health, hope, and compassion.


We are committed to providing services in a continuum of care that is community-based, strengths-based, empowering, and outcomes driven guided by best practice.


We assist individuals to find creative ways to live productive lives.


We foster good relationships with individuals served, families, community resources, partners, and internal customers.


We administer our resources effectively for the betterment of the communities we serve.


We ensure we are professional, honest, respectful, responsive, and accountable in all our transactions between vendors, families, providers, communities, staff, partners, and individuals served.


We treat each individual served and family member with respect and dignity.


We respond to the needs of others with a spirit of advocacy and understanding.


We conduct our activities with accountability and purpose.


We strive for continuous quality improvement measured by optimal outcomes.
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