Teenage schoolgirl holding binders

Highland Rivers Behavioral Health provides treatment, recovery, and support services for children, adolescents and emerging adults and their families who are affected by mental health and/or substance use and addiction, emotional crisis, and other behavioral health challenges.

With a team of board-certified psychiatrists and licensed professional therapists focused on youth, we assess each individual’s and family’s needs, strengths, and preferences and develop a customized recovery plan.

The Georgia APEX Project provides school-based mental health services to referred students in participating schools grades K-12.

Students can experience traumatic events during their childhood that lead to anxiety, depression, grief, self-injurious behavior, substance use, and/or suicidal thoughts. Some students show difficulty adjusting to a new school or the learning environment. The APEX staff work closely with school staff to identify students and their families in need of additional support and link them and their families with appropriate services. Some of the services provided within the school setting include assessment, diagnostic evaluation, individual, family, and group therapy and case management/community support.

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